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About Young Health and Chiropractic Group

Striving to Contribute Exceptional Chiropractic Services to Young

At Young Health and Chiropractic Group, we offer a true health care practice where we wish to add quality lifestyle factors to your life in order for you to not only live disease free but also to thrive. We value strong relationships where patients can share openly and safely in order to reach the next level of health.

Optimal health by facilitating YOUR true potential … naturally!

The Most Common Question a New Patient Asks…

Most often people will come to the clinic because they have experienced a setback physically and are experiencing symptoms. Some will know that they lifted or moved in a particular way and that’s when things went wrong, and others will not have had a particular incident but are just starting to ‘feel’ uncomfortable.

These people ask: Why is this happening? I haven’t had any problems before, why now? We try to help you appreciate that your body is not an endless giving machine. Over time, stressors – physical, chemical or emotional – contribute to adaptation and compensation. Generally your body has the innate ability to deal with this and tolerate, but if the stress starts to take its toll on those coping mechanisms then your body will let you know through things such as headaches, pain, tingling, numbness, poor sleep, losing your balance, poor digestion, or other means. The goal of Chiropractic care is to restore good function to your nervous system translating into a better ability for your body to move, respond and withstand the demands you are placing on it.

Our Hope for You

Our hope is that you can feel empowered and take control of your body to achieve greater function. Often the most worn path to be free of dis-ease is the medical suggestion of drugs and surgery. This is very effective and necessary particularly in acute emergency situations, but when it comes to chronic disease and dysfunction – not so effective. Our vision is for you to be able to wake up refreshed, get more out of your day without fatigue, aches, pains and the threat of illness; to be a happy, healthy and free individual moving about your world and accomplishing your goals with ease.
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